General IoT product proposal

IoT products with a basic prototype will be offered corresponding assistance according to its phase of development. Projects with great market potential are shortlisted in the quarterly "case selection & matchmaking session", and will receive further assistance, such as mass production evaluation, market pre-testing, optimization services, etc. to accelerate the R&D of such products to the next phase.

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  • Case selection & matchmaking session

    The session is held quarterly in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan IoT Service Hubs, in order to bring together five professional groups in the smart manufacturing consultation team (i.e. 1) system integration/assembly/production, 2) chip & electronic component technology, 3) mechanism design, 4) mold opening/molding/assembly, and 5) product marketing/market analysis/channel matchmaking). The consultation team will have a “quick meetup” on site with the team proposing its potential product, to conduct supply-demand matching, and facilitate the implementation of project.

    Quick matchmaking
    Supply and demand matching
  • Mass production evaluation & optimization

    Through the “case selection & matchmaking session”, high-quality projects are shortlisted and offered advice regarding the product’s current status (hardware specifications, mechanism design, appearance design, mold opening, trial production, etc.) and optimization, in order to further facilitate project implementation and optimization.

    Spec/Cost evaluation
    Mechanism design
  • Market simulation tests

    For cases with market demand and development potential, through simulated product launch, we can 1) help define the target market and main consumer groups, 2) fine-tune the specifications for mass production, and 3) confirm acceptable price range, etc. This can further enhance the product’s competitiveness in the market.

    Market survey & positioning
    Identifying TA