What does IoT Service Hub do?

IoT Service Hub helps you accelerate the manufacturing of IoT-based products.

With the support from Industrial Development Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, IoT Service Hub provides manufacturing-oriented guidance programs. With branches in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, the Hub can help companies check existing product inventory, run diagnoses regarding business operation, and even refer cases to professionals to seek further help. Also, the IoT Service Hub can offer a variety of assistance in terms of soft- and hardware, cloud platform, product design, marketing, data application, etc. There is no doubt that the IoT Service Hub can certainly help you mass-produce and launch your competitive products into the market!

Cooperative development, collaborative promotion, case facilitation

MIT IC Manufacturing Toolkit

Promoting application of MIT IC in IoT-enabled products, offering technical support and industry-academic cooperation to domestic IC and SI companies interested in developing innovative IoT solutions, with free development boards for trial for companies and startup teams!

Various transmission applications

MIT IC development board

  • WiFi
  • BLE
  • NB-IOT
  • Microcontroller

Assistance regarding PCB circuit, bill of materials (BOM), Gerber file, SMT coordinate file, etc. Lowering the technical threshold and accelerate mass production process

Data collection and application platform

IoT data platform

  • Fast Internet connection
  • Independent project management
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Service data management

Offering independent data collection cloud space for each project, with unlimited number of devices, and supporting multiple sensor interfaces Accelerating the connection of IoT services under development to the cloud

Regular matchmaking, case consultation, critical assessment

IoT Service Hub cooperated partner

100+ cross-industry companies, including system integrators, mass production companies, designers, etc.

Product design

Mechanism/ID design

Soft and hardware systems

System integration


Trial/mass production

Exclusive project manager, demand analysis, plan recommendation

Case planning counseling resources

Project manager provides an in-depth management for each potential case, and arranges key resource services including case consultation, themed courses, resource introduction, etc.

Products in development

Identifying TA

  • Market positioning
  • User demand forecast
  • Homogeneity analysis

Under development/before fundraising

Pre-market pilot survey

  • Market survey design
  • Potential list collection
  • Product improvement

Selling the Products

Sales channels arrangement

  • Sales channels arrangement
  • Branding operations
  • Matching of domestic and foreign channels/brands

Location of IoT Service Hub

If you are developing or operating IoT products,

we sincerely invite you to join usand become one of the IoT Service Hub teams!

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