About ideas Hatch

To promote the IoT innovation and applications is the objective of ideas Hatch。ideas Hatch was established in 2015 ,and it is a socail platform pooling together the resource required along the path of IoT product developing process. ideas Hatch started up from the weekly social night, Maker Hatch Night, hosted every Thursday in Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei. Nowaday, Maker Hatch Day has coverd all over the country, and ideas Hatch hosts several online and offline events , share the knowledge and resources of IoT, integrate the expertise to speed up the process from makers to startups globally.

ideas Hatch

Pooling together all the knowledge, resources, and experts of IoT

Introduction of Hatch Mascot

  • Woof Maker, an IoT product developer. Woof maker likes to atttend maker/startup events, hope to find the partners and resources to make his/her ideas to be a real product.

  • Meow Expert, an expert of IoT knowledge. Meow Expert knows very well about IoT things and loves to share his/her own experiences of product development.

  • Hawk Manager, a prfessional project manager. Hawk Manager holds all the resources of product development, he/she assists companies preparing the plan for product development and market-launching.