16 years of product design experience, 150 mass-produced products, several products sold 200,000+ pieces in a single month

Our three advantages:
1. Reduce manufacturing costs
The team comes from major electronics factories. In addition to design, the team directly visits mold and sheet metal factories in Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Huizhou every year to solve mass production problems. Therefore, SVPLUS is well versed in striking a balance between design and mass production.
2. Aesthetics and unique appearance
Aesthetics is our talent and profession, and we are constantly improving and creating new trends.
3. Insight into market demand
In the early stage of design, SVPLUS conducts market research to find out trends, needs, etc. to help create products that meet needs of the market.

Our belief and attitude:
We are a group of zealous designers who believe that design can change enterprises and even the entire Taiwan.

Professional design specialty

Mechanism design

Exterior design

Graphic design

Others嚗?產品策略規劃 , 量產顧問 , 大量生產 , 網站設計 , 品牌設計

Be expert in product design specialty

Daily necessities

Electronic products


Home appliances

Product Designs Executed Before

Implemented more than 500 product designs, of which more than 150 were mass-produced (four categories of products):
1. Consumer electronic products: fascia gun, neck-mounted 360-degree camera, computer host, projector, laptop heat sink, mouse, keyboard, etc.
2. Daily necessities: PHILIPS lamps, vacuum flasks, barbecue grills, etc.
3. Luxury products: iPhone5/6/7 remodels, power banks, bracelets, etc.
4. Medical supplies: anti-pandemic air sterilizer, implant drill bit


2018 iF DESIGN AWARD (Germany), Category of Industrial Design