Creative thinking in interactive technology is a field of continuous progress, so collecting a large amount of information and synchronizing with the world is a very important first step, as well as understanding the UX design in interactive technology. This lets us use interactive technology when communicating information with technology. Interactive technology can't be used too much, or the amount of information may be undeliverable or too boring. With a background in artistic creation, we specialize in creative thinking, constantly trying new ways to create interactive applications. With the experience of interactive design, we can use a new way of interaction which allows users to experience and interact with technology and have fun in the process. This is our most important goal.

Professional design specialty


Be expert in product design specialty


Product Designs Executed Before

<2019> "Taiwan Contemporary Island Art Museum", "UPload Not Complete", "Taoyuan Science and Technology Art Festival", "Shape of Winds", "Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival", "Dynamic Array", Danan Forest Park, "Pingtung Lantern Festival", "Cybercube ver.5m LED"
<2018> "404 Festival", "Body Party", "co-Jungle", "Summer Fun: Crystal Summer Academy", "Colors", "Interactive Illustration Amusement Park", "Island of Coexistence"


2019 "Upload Not Complete" SIGGRAPH Asia Best XR Tech
2016 "polywave" National Art Exhibition, New Media Gold Award, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2014 "Law of Light2" Taiwan Digital Arts Festival (shortlisted), Bopiliao, Taipei
2010 "MobiWaver" Art Festival in France (shortlisted), served as interactive technology provider