Aihavefun was founded by Frank Chang and Dr. Yang Chin-wen in March 2020 to expand the IoT achievements of Singaporean company "smartcube". In Taiwan, Aihavefun seeks to develop more IoT sensors. The current products include: iBeacon tag (no need to charge in five years, providing positioning information), Bluetooth smart shoes (no need to charge in ten years, providing pedometer detection and positioning), somatosensory bracelet (applied with video games), smart tennis racket (applied with video games), smart wand (which identifies written numbers from distance), and more than 30 other IoT-enabled games. Currently, clients include New Balance, ASICS Japan, Alegria, etc. Currently, Aihavefun is the Taiwanese agent of Dialog BLE 5.0 chip module.

Professional design specialty

Mechanism design

UI/UX design

Be expert in product design specialty

Electronic products

Toys/Human-machine interface

Product Designs Executed Before

iBeacon, smart racket, smart shoes, smart wand, somatosensory bracelet


2017 ROC Information Chief Information Officer Association, Outstanding Chief Information Officer Award
2014 Excellent Chinese CIO (co-hosted by IT Manager World Magazine, New Finance World, and
International Computer Conference ICS, 2014 Best Paper Award
NCWIA 2014 4th Network Intelligence and Application Symposium, Best Paper Award
Information Month Outstanding Information Talent Award (2010)
Yushan Society of Medical Affairs and Health Management 2010 Symposium, Health Management Related Fields Papers, First Prize and Poster Paper Award
CVGIP 2009 Excellent Paper (2009)
Poster paper of Taichung Veterans General Hospital, First Place (2008)
7th Engineering Technology and Chinese/Western Medicine Application Symposium, Excellent Paper (2004)
Chinese Journal of Radiology Paper Award, First Place (2002)
Model of Integrity in Taichung Veterans General Hospital (1999)
First Place in the essay call on "Information Manager Duties", hosted by IVAN Information (1998)
Staff Model, Taichung Veterans General Hospital (1993)
Doctoral student sponsored by the Rotary Club (1992)
Excellent work of National Cheng Kung University Science and Technology Creation Competition (1989)