We are a design and ODM service company. We have been developing smart IoT products for the past few years. We have experienced mechanical, hardware, software, and firmware design engineers working closely with our customers to deliver high-quality products. Our unique and patented modular software and hardware platform enables our customers to quickly create IoT prototypes and thus reduce product delivery time. Furthermore, using our wireless IoT platform, our customers can build products with multiple wireless protocols running together. Here are some of the services that we provide:

- Mobile App customization
- Cloud information tracking
- Customized ID for your own brand with any size and shape
- 3D mechanical design
- PCB schematic and layout designs
- Packaging design
- Prototype creation
- Manufacturing services (IoT Gateway and Sensor End Device)

Professional design specialty

Mechanism design

Be expert in product design specialty

Electronic products

Product Designs Executed Before

Sound Cards, Web Photo Frames, Mixer, DVB-T, DLNA Adaptors, Internet Radios, Audiobook Players, Smart Sprinkler, IoT Security Product and IoT Modular Systems.


Mididia has spent years of engineering time to develop various application domain specific IoT platforms. We can build products faster and more efficient than the traditional ODM approach. We can share our design ideas with you, solve potential design problems ahead of time, and quickly deliver your products to the market. Mididia has proven track records of delivering high-quality products and services. We will continue to keep the tradition and offer our best services to our existing customers. We respect the intellectual property rights and will protect your product ideas and sensitive product information. We also would like to invite new clients who are willing to partner with us. We will demonstrate our ability to quickly design and build your unique IoT products.