Yang Bo-wei was born in 1963. He is familiar with various types of processing operations, 3D drawing, and engineering analysis software. He owns a "Level B technician for computer assisted mechanical drawing" certificate.
His field of work mainly includes product development/design and the manufacturing & improvement of production technology and introduction of automation systems.

Professional design specialty

Mechanism design


Be expert in product design specialty

Electronic products

Home appliances

Product Designs Executed Before

Planning and design of automation systems, projects include:
-Magnetic read SPOT production line, mid-cycle tuner production line, clock torque automatic selection system...
-Precision electroforming process: process development & manufacturing of optical molds and MEMS
-engineering team for TF Nova Company (Shenzhen)
-Dozens of OEM development and manufacturing for SEIKO. (structural design and mold development)
-Development and manufacturing of dozens of ODMs, structure design of quartz movement for TF Nova Company