[Branding, Design, and Marketing]
Michael Vinson International [provisional translation] can assist clients in integrating design, branding, and marketing. The design team comes from different fields, with expertise in psychology, engineering, design, business, etc. The company professionally provides innovative product service design strategies, assists customers to develop innovation, and provides the perfect combination of tangible and intangible design services. The company has helped establish innovative enterprises, and helped them achieve brand differentiation.
The output value of Taiwan's service industry has reached over 73% of its GDP. However, services, like products, require innovation to better meet the needs of consumers. However, how to develop innovation opportunities in intangible services? In response, we adopt the "Product Service Design" method – instead of focusing only on product innovation and design, we emphasize that all products and services should be viewed with a creative orientation. We think of the method as a kind of commercial interaction design theory. Product service design is a new way to design experience, as it can redefine the touch point with customers and create new value for the service industry.

The design team of Michael Vinson International, enabled by the Product Service Design method, will achieve the following benefits for its clients:
-Through complete case study of consumers’ actual behavior, we implement consumer-oriented innovation, guarantee competitive advantages, provide customer differentiated services, propose unique selling points, and add value to product research and development.
-Improving market success rate: We systematically incorporate market and customer experience perspectives to ensure success.
-Shortening Time-to-Market for new service products: We shorten the development time of new service products by accelerating the Time-to-Market.
-Reducing product and service R&D costs and failure rates.

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Product Designs Executed Before

[Product Design Experience]
Our company invented the first handheld electric massage stick in Taiwan, designed Taiwan's first axle-driven heavy-duty locomotive, and started the trend of folding bicycles, creating a tremendous volume for Giant Halfway folding bikes (sales for 20 year since 1998). In recent years, the company won the first German IF Design Award for Taiwan's hand tool industry, and since then, it has won the four major design awards for many times. In an interview by Wealth Magazine (issue no. 472) in 2015, the founder was called a "corporate doctor" by the magazine. He continuously uses "design thinking" to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. In 2015, he served as a consultant for new business innovation of Zeng Hsing Industrial CO., LTD, turning over traditional industries to create new value. In 2016, he assisted ITRI's Office of Perceptual Design Technology in the development of observation engineering methods. In 2017, he assisted K&W Tools Co., Ltd. as the hand tool brand design consultant. Since 2018, he has been the consultant for the brand design of innovative products for the elderly in the Kuang Tien Hospital’s Happy Living Park.

[Service & Lean Design Experience]
With his design expertise, the founder assisted in the project of Paper Dome by the New Homeland Foundation. Then, the founder continued to assist the Wushe Chunyang tribe in revitalizing and organizing the National Seediq Day before the Seediq Bale film release. In 2009, he assisted D-Link in introducing service design with the Living Lab of III. In 2010, he was invited to the Taiwan branch of the British Albert Smith Group and Fun Craft Technology Company as a consultant of service design. In 2011, he cooperated with MOS Burger and the “National Animal Hospital” chain to carry out lean design research. In the same year, he participated in the planning and implementation of Service Jam (an international organization), and was commissioned by the central Taiwan office of ITRI to conduct perceptual design research. In 2016, he assisted the “National Animal Hospital” chain to carry out the “VET 4.0” upgrade plan, and launched brand new cultural products for the Wufeng Lin Family. Since 2016, he has been the chief consultant of Esther Social Enterprise, assisting the strategic design of Taiwan's indigenous culture. Since 2017, he has served as a service design consultant for Kuang Tien Hospital’s Happy Living Park.

[Brand and Social Design Experience]
In 2015, the company founded the "Social Banking" social enterprise in a local village in Taichung City, using design thinking to turn over the product designs for the elderly. The company pioneered the concept of "silver hair culture". Through this platform, young people, the middle-aged, and older people are integrated into VR and O2O businesses, which focus on food education and promotion. This is expected to solve the social problem of labor shortage in Taiwan in the future. In 2017, the company assisted the aboriginal people to build a local kitchen and LTC care system, and proposed the world's first service design system. The company also helped innovate Very Moto’s service in 2018, and carried out a brand chain design.


2011 German iF Award (Industrial Design) -- E&E Screwdriver Outstanding Design Award
2011 German iF Award (Industrial Design) -- Handbrake L-Key Outstanding Design Award
2008 Japan's Good Design Award (Product Design) -- Hexagon Wrench (tutoring manufacturer)
2008 German Red Dot Award (Product Design) -- Hexagon Wrench (tutoring manufacturer)
2008 German iF Award (Industrial Design) -- Hexagon Wrench (tutoring manufacturer)
2008 Taiwan Excellence Award (Woodworking) -- Claw Hammer
2006 German iF Award (Industrial Design) -- E.G.-Hammer Outstanding Design Award
2006 German iF Award (Industrial Design) -- Hand-Free Tools (shortlisted)
2001 Taiwan National Product Image Award -- Giant "HalfWay" Folding Bike
2000 Taiwan National Product Image Award -- Giant "Laffree" Electric Bike
1999 Taiwan National Product Image Award (Gold Medal) -- Medical Blood Glucose Tester (Metertech Inc.)