Hsieh has 13 years of work experience in Mainland China: eight years at Foxconn and 5 years at the subsidiary of Xiaomi, responsible for leading the product's ID designers and product structure designers for integrated design and development.
Later, because of the design of the Xiaomi Konjac AI translator, Hsieh came to Taiwan with Microsoft to participate in an exhibition. He was exposed to various AI technology applications and got to know people in Taiwan's B&B industry. Then he started to conduct integrated applications and now, many B&B operators use Xiaomi's AI speakers to control household appliances, such as bedside lights, night lights, outdoor garden lights, air conditioners, fans, steam bath rooms, music players, and MORNING CALL services. The device also helped in house security, such as smoke detection, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, gas sensors, PM2.5 indoor detection, door/window sensors, human sensors, etc. At the same time, it also assists the B&B industry in customizing design, such as welcome greetings, reminders for staying, introduction of the environment and facilities, nearby sites, nearby restaurants, suggested itineraries, nearby snacks, etc.

Professional design specialty

Mechanism design

Exterior design

Be expert in product design specialty

Daily necessities

Electronic products

Home appliances

Product Designs Executed Before

1. Planning, design, and installation for a smart AI B&B in Yilan
2. Planning, design, and installation for smart AI B&Bs in Penghu


Hsieh has accumulated dozens of patents for mechanism design