Based on professionalism, enthusiasm, innovation, teamwork, and excellence, X Creative Consulting has been, for many years, committed to providing government agencies and private enterprises with complete marketing strategy planning and implementation programs. It also has GEO Informatics and GEO Design departments (ca. 80 people) and the resources from universities in central Taiwan.
X Creative Consulting strives to go from A+ to A+++, and to always create the greatest value for each project. Through high levels of integration, it exerts comprehensive impacts, breaks through difficulties, and eliminates obstacles. It often creates new success models and enables the team in each project to benefit from a holistic marketing strategy plan and market insight are used to generate the maximum profits for all clients.

Professional design specialty

UI/UX design

Graphic design


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Product Designs Executed Before

"Integration of Vocational Training and Employment Service Business Promotion" -- pamphlet design
Taichung City Gov. Flower City tourism map -- graphic design & print
Taichung City Lohas Bicycle Sightseeing -- pamphlet design
Taiwan Excellent Farmers Association -- graphic design for its publications
Hsin Chuan sub-brand -- CIS and pamphlet design
Land information system map materials (to promote project results)
Holo Solution Inc. -- visual image design
Ivis Public Relations Consultant and Overall Marketing Services -- creative design
Shimen Reservoir Upstream Catchment Area -- promotion poster design


2018 National Talent Development Award (organized by the Ministry of Labor)
2017 24th SME Innovation Research Award
2016 Young Award -- Innovative Business Model Category (organized by MoEA)
2016 Third Taichung Outstanding Industry Innovation Award
2016 Information Month: Top 100 Innovative Product Awards
2016 Novice Web Design Award
2015 Second Taichung Outstanding Industry Innovation Award
2015 International Project Management Benchmarking Enterprise Award (EPBA)
2015 One-Star LOHAS Workplace Award for “Outstanding Enterprise, Happy Labor Environment” in Taichung City
2015 Silver Medal of Outstanding Design Company in Multimedia Interactive Design Category
2015 “Smart Curator” Award
2013 “Taichung Cup National Creative Contest -- Excellent Work of Innovation Service”
2013 Information Month: Top 100 Innovative Product Awards
2013 China Star Design Art Award -- Excellent Design Award
2013 International Project Management Benchmark -- Silver Award
2012 Cross-Industry Innovation Academy -- brand recognition system selected in China Creative Design Yearbook
2010 8th Open Platform Software Awards -- Golden Penguin Award
2009 Information Service Agency Service Energy Registration -- certification