Established in 1996, has 20 years of design experience. Accumulate more than 700 design cases, experience accumulated non-other design companies can.
To mold design, development to product design, combined with a wealth of experience in mold design.

For a product design look and design, the mold concept is a very important basic design factor. When the good idea is to achieve, when the good design is to be quantified, when the good goods is to be popular; good product design is the need to be mass production, there is a market, which is the United States think brain can give you trust Advantage! The United States set thinking uphold this belief, and jointly create the value of goods. This is the reason you choose the United States brainstorming!

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Mantis conducts 30 cases per year and has 20 years of experience.


3 Red Dot Design Awards
4 Taiwan Excellence Awards
Taipei International Invention Award

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