Tomorrow Lens specializes in a variety of professional services, including the industrial design for the exterior of plastic/metal products, engineering drawing design, counseling on pilot production, fixture/jig design, manufacturing machinery design, design and evaluation services for automated machinery (auto-robotics), design and evaluation services for optical mechanism, reverse engineering scanning and production, precision measurement inspection and planning (quality inspection projects), as well as talent education and training.

Professional design specialty

Mechanism design

Exterior design

Be expert in product design specialty

Daily necessities

Electronic products

Home appliances


Product Designs Executed Before

1. notebook computer design and manufacturing
2. design and evaluation of mobile phone fixed-focus lens and zoom lens (optical machinery design)
3. performance evaluation and reverse analysis of optical lens (optical and optical machinery design)
4. micro projector design and evaluation (optical machinery design)
5. CD player design and evaluation (machinery structure design)
6. design for sports products (exterior design for products)
7. product design for set-top boxes and external hard disks (exterior design)


1. PI of MOEA, MOST, and other government-guided projects (project management)
2. instructor at Plastics Industry Development Center (PIDC) and Cheng Shiu University (knowledge management)
3. special consultant of Sinda Precision Enterprise Ltd.
4. special consultant of Taiwan UAS Application Development Association (TWUAS)