Dr. Jui-Hung Cheng is an assistant professor & the director of the Product Integration Design and Trial Production R&D Center of the Department of Mold and Die Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology. The Center assists in product design and prototype production, mold design and engineering analysis, mold assembly and product trial production, product testing and packaging marketing, etc.

Professional design specialty

Mechanism design

Exterior design

UI/UX design

Be expert in product design specialty

Daily necessities

Electronic products

Home appliances

Toys/Human-machine interface

Product Designs Executed Before

•STEAM paper robot
•Portable IoT teaching aid box
•Smart injection machine
•Modular underwater light
•DiCon Lighing:
•AVC Technology - Cooling fan and system:
•‎Yen Sun Technology - Cooling fan and system: /ysfan/products.html


1. Dr. Cheng obtained more than 240 patents from various countries.
In the past three years (2018-2020), Dr. Cheng has applied for patents in the name of the university (a total of 12 invention patents, seven patents granted, the remaining five patents published & under review).
2. For three consecutive years (2018-2020), Dr. Cheng won awards of NKUST Innovative Teaching Methodology, and Outstanding/Excellent PBL Problem-Oriented Course. The innovative teaching results secured him the 2020 Excellent Teaching Award. He was also honored with flexible salary for specialized excellent teaching talents, and received the 2021 NKUST Elite Teaching Award.
3. Dr. Cheng won the 2020 Industry-University Cooperation Project Achievement from the performance evaluation of the Department of Engineering and Technologies, Ministry of Science and Technology.
4. In 2010, Dr. Cheng won the Personal Achievement Award (Outstanding Youth Innovation Award) of the 18th Industrial Technology Development Award of the MoEA.