JC Healthcare Technology was established on October 21, 2019. Its main product is medical equipment. Its parent company has more than 20 years of practical experience.
JC Healthcare Technology has its own design and production department, and its main operating products are customized nursing work carts, ER carts, carts for physician rounds, and various ward furniture. It offers functional mechanism design, appearance design, and other services, as well as consultation on smart medical equipment product optimization and market planning.

Professional design specialty

Mechanism design

Exterior design

Be expert in product design specialty

Daily necessities

Electronic products


Home appliances

Product Designs Executed Before

Show-Chwan Hospital System: Nursing work cart
Feng Yuan Hospital: Nursing work car
Shuang-Ho Hospital: E-work cart & ICU work cart
Hong Kong client: narrow bed
Hillrom (American medical manufacturer): Home care bed
Tzu Chi Hospital System: Cart for physician rounds
Excelsior Healthcare Center: Customized change dressing (CD) cart and ER cart
Bedside service system, medical cloud software and hardware integration
Dalin Tzu Chi Smart Postpartum Care Center: Software and hardware integration
National entrance exam committee (commissioned by the Ministry of Education): Infrared thermal imaging device