Yu Luo has a full range of design services, from product concept & design, 3D computer drawing, mechanism design to functional model manufacturing, mold design, mold making, etc., presenting a comprehensive design process which is efficient and can save much development time. Yu Luo listens to customers' ideas and goals to create products that are most suitable for customers. Yu Luo also proposes innovative ideas and design goals. By putting forward innovative ideas and avant-garde thinking, Yu Luo can surely assist startups to start executing projects.

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Product Designs Executed Before

1. Taiwan Railways: Gate ticketing machine (2008)
2. KRTC: Muiti-card bus validator, RFID NFC reader (2009)
3. MightyMug mug series (2010)
4. KALKI D absorbent coaster series (2010)
5. Philips: Mosquito trap lamp series (2013)
6. Philips: Mosquito trap lamp FIT412 (2013)
7. Philips: UVC ultraviolet remote control wall-mounted sterilization machine (2014)
8. GroovetechGX EXECUTIVE (2016)
9. Japanese company baking machine (2019)
10. Sterilizing & food-warming multi-purpose pot (2019)
11. Long-term care assistant chair (2020)